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Classic Style Replica Chair Modern Leather Lounge Chair with Separate Ottoman

Short Description:

  • Model No.: A89/A89-1
  • Material: Faux leather / Genuine leather
  • Back: Double layer plywood
  • Seat: Plywood, high-density foam cushion
  • Base: Aluminum / Chrome
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    Product Features

    High Quality Leather

    Give you full lower-to-upper back support.

    Soft and Comfort Cushion

    High-density foam ensures comfortable and support.

    Built for Comfort

    Enhance proper sitting posture and help avoiding stiffness.

    Luxury Look

    Elegant, modern, stylish leather office chair is a great gift.

    Sturdy & Durable

    Heavy-duty aluminum base, safety gas lift, PU caster.

    Product Description

    • Material: The chair body is made of seven-layer curved wood veneer with walnut veneer or rosewood veneer, aluminum alloy feet, the chair cushion is individually removable and replaceable, filled with high-elastic foam, and imported top-layer yellow leather fabric.
    • Design Inspiration: The workmanship is fine, and it is completely designed for comfort, and the combination of the molded plywood base and the upper leather pad is very creative, ergonomic and comfortable to sit on.
    • Imported leather: The contact surface is made of imported top-layer cowhide, and the leather on the back of the spine is selected. After multiple processes such as polishing, oiling, and waxing, the leather has high toughness, clear lines, and the finished sofa has higher quality and higher color fastness.
    • High-quality high-elastic foam: select the high-quality high-elastic foam commonly used by classic big brands, which has better high resilience, and the soft and delicate touch of the top layer of cowhide will bring you a comfortable sitting feeling.
    • Cushion structure: high-density foam-filled cushion, the sitting feeling is soft and hard, so that the body and mind can be completely relaxed. The interior of the sofa is a strong alloy bracket, which is firmly supported, meets the needs of sitting and lying, and improves the service life of the sofa.
    • Ergonomic design: According to the ergonomic design, the size of each part of the sofa is strictly adjusted to create a comfortable and atmospheric sofa shape, which conforms to the sitting and lying habits of Asians, and the shape is fashionable and has a sense of design.

    Model Selection

    A89 (1)

    Model No.: A89

    A89 (2)

    Model No.: A89

    A89-1 (2)

    Model No.: A89-1

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    A89 (1)
    A89 (2)
    A89-1 (1)
    A89-1 (2)
    A89-1 (4)
    A89-1 (3)

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