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Double Layer Plywood Chair, High Back Executive Chair, Mid-Back Office Chair, Visitor Chair

Short Description:

  • Model No.: A696P/B696P/C696P
  • Material: Faux leather / Genuine leather
  • Back: Double layer plywood, quality foam
  • Seat: Plywood, quality foam cushion
  • Armrest: Special feature
  • Gas lift: Class 3 / Class 4
  • Base: Aluminum, Chrome, Plastic 350/340/330/320
  • Caster: Nylon / PU / silent wheels
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    Product Features

    High Quality Leather

    Resistant to corrosion, stains, water, fading and scratches.

    Soft and Comfort Cushion

    High-density foam ensures comfortable and support.

    Built for Comfort

    Enhance proper sitting posture and help avoiding stiffness.

    Luxury Look

    Elegant, modern, stylish leather office chair is a great gift.

    Sturdy & Durable

    Heavy-duty aluminum base, safety gas lift, PU caster.

    Product Description

    This is a split multi-functional leather chair with multiple functions. Its seat and backrest can be split for easy cleaning and maintenance. Adopting the best multifunctional chassis in China.
    1. By adjusting the height of the chair, users can easily adjust the height to adapt to different workplaces and usage needs.
    2. Improve the stability of the chair.
    3. Provide comfortable sitting posture: The chassis can provide multi angle and multi-directional adjustment, helping users find the most comfortable and suitable sitting posture, reducing body pressure. The back frame of this chair has an E1 level bending plate, and the sponge is made of high-density sponge, providing users with a more comfortable sitting experience, ensuring that they sit for a long time without fatigue and protecting their health.

    There are styles to choose from, such as high back and mid back conference chairs. High back conference chairs are generally suitable for use by chairpersons or senior management personnel, providing better comfort and support. Mid back conference chairs are more suitable for general employees and ordinary use situations, with a simpler appearance and design, but equally comfortable. There are also many styles and colors to choose from for these conference chairs, and you can choose the most suitable style according to your needs and budget.

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    Model No.: A696P


    Model No.: B696P


    Model No.: C696P

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