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 Ergonomic office chair with multifunctional split full mesh with ajustable arm   

Short Description:

  • Model No.: A01W
  • Material: PP+GF, aluminum, steel, high quality mesh  
  • Back: Breathable special mesh
  • Seat: Breathable special mesh
  • Armrest: Fixed arms / 2D / 3D / 4D adjustable
  • Gas lift: Class 3 / Class 4
  • Base: Aluminum, Chrome, Plastic 350/340/330/320
  • Caster: Nylon / PU / silent wheels
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    Product Features

     2D Adjustable Armrest

    Up and down, forward and backward

    Soft and Breathable Seat

    Breathable and comfortable seat

    Lumbar Support

    Can help decrease the risk of developing spinal problems

    Seat Height Adjustment

    The height of the chair can be adjusted according to the user's height

    Personalized Adjustment

    The seat and back sections of the split chair can be adjusted independently

    Product Description

    This  is a  multifunctional  split full mesh chair with a fully functional office chair with the following main characteristics:

    1 high quality  PP+fiberglass frame: Made of high-strength, corrosion-resistant and resilience  material, it is not easy to broken and has a long service life.

    2. Split design: The seat and back chair can be used separately, and the multifunctional mechanism can adjust the height and tilt angle. The seat height and angle can be adjusted according to the user's height and different usage needs, effectively alleviating discomfort caused by long-term sitting posture.

    3. Adjustable 2D  armrest, adjustable in 2 directions (up and down, front and back): 1) Height adjustable: The height of the armrest can be adjusted according to the user's height, ensuring that the distance between the armrest and the desktop is appropriate and avoiding fatigue when lifting the hand. 2) Adjustable depth: The depth of the armrest can be adjusted according to the length of the user's arm, making it more snug to the arm, increasing the support area, and reducing the pressure on the arm.

    4. Rolling wheel design: Adopting nylon rolling wheel design, it is easy to move and turn.

    1. The adjustable headrest can help users better protect the health of their neck and head, while improving sitting comfort and work efficiency.
    2. Back support:There are two leaves on the back to support the user's waist, reducing fatigue during work


    7. Soft and breathable mesh and full mesh for back & seat: Made of soft and breathable mesh,and the seat also mesh that be Breathe the buttocks, users will not feel uncomfortable sitting for a long time

    8. Environmental Protection and Health: Using environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic and odorless, which is beneficial for indoor environmental health. In short, this mesh chair has the advantages of comfort, practicality, and durability, making it suitable for various occasions such as office, study, and meetings.


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