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Dual Backrests, Ergonomic Office Chair, Back Support Office Chair, Best Office Chair for Posture

Short Description:

  • Model No.: A10P/A10P-1
  • Material: Faux leather / Genuine leather
  • Back: Solid back
  • Seat: Molded foam cushion
  • Armrest: Fixed arms / 2D / 3D / 4D adjustable
  • Gas lift: Class 3 / Class 4
  • Base: Aluminum, Chrome, Plastic 350/340/330/320
  • Caster: Nylon / PU / silent wheels
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    Product Features

    Double Support, Double Comfort

    Give you full lower-to-upper back support.

    Ergonomic Dual-Backrests Design

    Relieve pressure on backbone, maintain its natural shape.

    Multi-Adjustable Armrest

    Adjustable arms and height support custom configuration.

    Reasonable Price

    All the chairs are sold by our factory without middle man.

    Product Description

    This is a modern office leather chair with a split double back and multiple functions, which has multiple functions and features:
    1. Split double back design. The back of this chair is divided into two parts and can be adjusted separately, suitable for different heights, body types, and habits.
    2. Multifunctionality. This type of chair generally has multiple functions, such as adjustable height, seat tilt angle, armrest height, headrest lifting, and seat back elasticity, which can meet the needs of different groups of people.
    3. Modern design. This type of chair usually adopts a modern design style, with a beautiful and generous appearance, and a novel and fashionable color combination.
    4. Leather material. This type of office chair is generally made of high-quality leather material, with a comfortable and soft feel and a long lifespan. Overall, this split dual back multifunctional modern office leather chair is a high-end optionPublic furniture, with the advantages of high comfort, long service life, and elegant appearance, is loved by many office workers.

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